hello, we are tomek & wioleta katarzyniec from berlin, germany. we are telling you the history of brave men and women in europe during the WWI, WWII, the cold war and the time in between

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Tour 1

The History of JW´s in Germany

a sightseeing tour through berlin. find God´s name on buildings, how JW´s survived 52 years of persecution in germany

Tour 2 

Sachsenhausen Concentration camp 

hear different stories about how Jehovah´s Witnesses helped each other and worked together to survive this place

Tour 3

Surviving the Death March

after 12 years of persecution by the nazis, the prisoners had to march to their freedom. hear an incredible story about brotherly love, friendship, loyalty and their love to God

Tours 4.1 & 4.2

The persecution of JW´s in the GDR

hear and see some of JW´s, living in Berlin and the former east part of germany, telling their own stories of how they stayed faithful during these 40 years

Tour 5

The Kids tour

4 interactive parts designed with simpler language for easy understanding. 45 minutes each part. please only book this if some kids will join with you click for more info

Tour 6 - coming soon!

Modern faithful women

(under development)

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